Yankee Candle Willow Breeze review; Returning Treasure

Yankee Candle Willow Breeze is back for the summer semi-annual sale at Yankee. It’s available online and only in large jars and melt cups since it’s a returning treasure.


Yankee Candle Willow Breeze officially smells like green willow, lemon blossom, moss and sandalwood.

Burning Yankee Candle Willow Breeze it smells very clean and fresh, a little bit soapy but it’s not shower gel territory. I smell the green leaf note, bergamot and a little bit of sandalwood at the base. It’s in the same vein as Meadow Showers in terms of green and clean notes without fruity or floral notes but a bit more on the masculine side.
It’s a great scent for summer cleaning, it will give your house a “just cleaned” vibe and it’s also very guest friendly.
The scent throw on Yankee Candle Willow Breeze is a solid 7, it will scent a room with no issues but like I said, it is guest friendly since there are no intense notes in it.