Yankee Candle Wild Pansies scented candle Review

Yankee Candle Wild Pansies is in Yankee stores right now as a Treasure or rather a Yankee Candle Special Appearance candle which means it’s only available in a large jar. I was all out of large jar scented candles and I felt like splurging so I bought a couple of the special appearance candles and I’ve been burning Wild Pansies in my main hall all day today.

The official notes in Yankee Candle Wild Pansies are: lush scent of brilliantly hued flowers..

Burning Wild Pansies, it’s a full on floral. I get mostly lilac blossoms and a bit of green notes like you’d find in Yankee’s Greenhouse for example. The lilac note is quite sweet. Lovely smell, very spring like and quite strong.

yankee candle wild pansies review

Image by Yankee Candle

I’ve burned Yankee Wild Pansies in a large jar in my hurricane holder and it burned with no issues. The scent throw was about 6. I burned it in my main hall and got a nice wax pool after about three hours. I’d buy this again if I could find it at my local Yankee store.