Yankee Candle White Sage review

Yankee Candle White Sage is another late addition to the new scents for Fall from Yankee Candle.

yankee candle white sage review fall autumn

I love well made herbal fragrances as I think they are really versatile and guest friendly, combining both clean and calming effects while not leaning on either feminine or masculine side.

Yankee Candle White Sage should smell like sage, sandalwood and citrus.

Reading the description of the scent I had high hopes and this scent turned out really nice. Yankee Candle White Sage smells like fresh, crushed sage with a bit of lemon zest, there’s a salty jasmine note floating underneath and all that is over a base of musky, soft sandalwood, warm amber and some vanilla that further softens the sandalwood and adds to the creaminess.

Yankee Candle White Sage is much better than Yankee Candle’s Sea Salt and Sage. They took the Sea Salt and Sage fragrance and added more notes, blending them together well and basically upgraded the initial fragrance not only into a autumnal version but a much better, more complex candle.