Yankee Candle White Gardenia scented candle Review

Yankee Candle White Gardenia is one of the best gardenia scented candles I’ve ever smelled. It is one of those scents that I think are universally pleasing and it’s my go-to candle for when I have a lot of guests coming over and I need a home fragrance that won’t have anyone wrinkle their nose and stand next to an open window all evening. People have such different tastes when it comes to fragrance so when you have a house full of guests you want to play it safe and Yankee Candle White Gardenia is just lovely and pleasing.

The official notes in Yankee Candle White Gardenia are: gardenia.

I find it to be a very true o life gardenia scent. It’s a white floral smell which means it’s neither sweet nor intense like say jasmine. It’s just a light and fresh floral.

yankee candle white gardenia review

Image by Yankee Candle

This is a year round scent for me and I’ve burned it in all rooms of the house as I feel it fits everywhere. It’s just gardenia so it’s a bit too one dimensional to climb up to my favorite list of home fragrances but it’s one of my most often used ones due to how universally liked it is.

I am on my fourth large jar of Yankee Candle White Gardenia at the moment and I’ve gone through many small jars in this scent as well. It’s also a candle I give a lot as a gift to people I don’t know that well and when I need a safe bet candle.

I get a nice wax pool in my large jar after about two hours and the throw is about 7. I most often burn this in my main living room as a day candle and it scents the room in about an half hour.

I hope you enjoyed my Yankee Candle White Gardenia scented candle Review and I’ll talk to you soon!