Yankee Candle Warm Apple Crisp review; returning Fall 2017 scent

Yankee Candle Warm Apple Crisp is back in large jars for autumn 2017.


Yankee Candle Warm Apple Crisp is a very nice take on a classic apple pie fragrance. Comparing it to another returning scent for the season – Yankee Candle Be Thankful – this has a far more pronounced apple note but the “bakery” parts of the fragrance are very simmilar.

There’s loads of sweet apple, brown sugar, pie crust and bakery vanilla with a fairly strong cinnamon note. The cinnamon is not too strong, definitelly not overwhelming the apple and bakery notes.

Yankee Candle Warm Apple Crisp is a basic, staple Fall candle. I mean…there’s no way you won’t feel like you need your house to smell like apple pie at least a few times this fall. If you don’t want to commint to a large jar of this scent alone though, this can be layered with berry scents, various vanilla candles and more intense fall spice fragrances. it works well with caramel scents as well but my favourite mix is with nutty scents.

I hope you enjoyed my Yankee Candle Warm Apple Crisp review!