Yankee Candle Viva Havana review

Yankee Candle Viva Havana is a new scent from Yankee Candle and a part of the EU and UK Summer Collection.
Yankee Candle viva havana scented candle review 2017 summer
I’ve been to Cuba a few times in my early 20s and I have very fond memories of that time so I was very excited for this collection. Turns out, the first scent of the collection reminds me more of Tunis and Egypt than Havana. To be honest, pretty much anything destination themed gets me most of the time and when it’s a place I’ve actually been to, I’m just about a sure thing.

The Viva Havana scent is a bit much for me personally, but my personal preferences aside, it’s a very complex, very well done scent that honestly smells more Tunis to me than Havana. The fragrance is mostly sandalwood, with heavy vanilla at the bottom and spicy incense at the top. There’s some amber in here, that warms everything up. With the incense and the spices, I’m instantly reminded of a Tunis marketplace. The sandalwood is soft and warm and blends beautifully.

It’s close to Yankee’s Oud Oasis but has more sandalwood.

Overall, I love this scent because it has the power to invoke memories of my time in Tunis and Egypt. Do I want my house to smell like this all the time? No. Do I want a jar of this so that I can light it up every once in a while, sit around with friends and swap travel stories? Absolutely.

Yankee Candle viva havana scented candle review 2017 summer

Layering wise, for an even better way to capture the feeling of Arabian markets, I layered this with Yankee’s Leather.