Yankee Candle Vibrant Saffron review

Yankee Candle Vibrant Saffron is the prettiest of the new Fall candles and the most intriguing one for me. I was expecting a spice and floral blend but that’s not what it ended up being.

yankee candle vibrant saffron review autumn fall 2017 collection review

This is a very complex scent. It smells like expensive incense to me. There’s loads of amber, dark vanilla, there’s some spice to it, I get a bit of bergamot and it’s all enveloped in that incense note. It almost reminds me of Frankincense but there’s a lot more going on here than with Frankincense.

It’s definitely quite heavy, I don’t think I’ll burn it indoors again, it’ll be a deck only candle. That doesn’t mean I dislike the scent at all, it’s just so intense that I find it to be too overwhelming for a single room and I don’t have an open complex type of a situation in the house.

I think Yankee Candle Vibrant Saffron is perfect for a those cool autumn nights, a glass of red wine or a cup of chai tea and long conversations.