village candle versus yankee candle

Yankee Candle versus Village Candle comparison

Yankee Candle versus Village Candle- which is better in 2019? Both Yankee Candle and Village Candle have been on my daily burn list for few years now and I figured I can do a fair company – Yankee Candle versus Village Candle comparison.

The candles from both look pretty similar so if you go by looks, you can pick either and be happy. They have the standard glass jar with the dome shaped lid that look amazing but is a bit of a pill to store. They also both carry tumbler versions of their scents but Village has bigger and more colorful labels on their tumbler versions.

yankee candle versus village candle

However, just because their candles come in practically same jars, doesn’t mean they’ll burn the same AT ALL. The Village Candles have more wax in them AND they have two wicks. Two wicks mean faster burn and a quicker wax pool resulting in Village Candles scenting your room faster than Yankee Candles. Here, Village Candle is a clear winner over Yankee. You don’t need the 4-5 hour burn, like you do with Yankee, to get a full scent experience.

The large 26 oz. or 645g Village Candle jar has 145-170 hours of burn time. The large Yankee Candle jar has 623 g and 110-150 hours of burn time.

You pretty much need an Illuma Lid for your Yankee Candle large and medium jars to get a good burn with no issues so that’s an extra expense. Sure, you only buy it once, but if you have several jars burning at the same time, you need quite a few on hand. The Village Candles burn fine without the Illuma Lid because they have two wicks so the heath distribution is better.

village candle versus yankee candle

Yankee Candle wicks need to be trimmed after every 4-5 hour burn to avoid sooting and high flames.
Village Candle has weird wicks that often (not always) start to drown if I trim them to what I consider a safe length. If I don’t trim my Village Candle wicks I get a nice burn and I don’t have soot issues BUT the flames do get high enough that I don’t want to burn them outside a tall hurricane candle holder or a tall luminary candle holder. I normally do that with my jar candles anyway, because I like how they look, but it’s something to consider.

Village Candle is also a clear winner when it comes to the small jar candles. The small jar candles from Yankee Candle are cute and all but they have poor scent throw and they’re much overpriced for the amount of wax you get in them. Village Candle small jars are much wider and have much more wax in them. They also have two wicks and have the same scent throw as the large jars. They’re a really good value product.

The prices of both Village Candle and Yankee Candle are practically the same around here but again, you get almost twice the wax in the small jar version from Village for the same price.

When it comes down to fragrance, both companies release regular seasonal collections, Yankee Candles’ limited edition season collections normally have more scents. Scent preference is a super objective thing of course but Yankee Candle wins in the floral and fresh fragrance department for me. While a have and like a ton of Village Candles their fresh and floral scents tend to have either a perfume, cologne or a soapy note. In the food fragrance department, Village Candle wins for me. Their bakery note is more true to life and their vanilla notes are awesome while Yankees vanilla notes sometimes read a bit too sweet and burned to me. For fruit fragrances, I find Yankee Candles to be a bit more true to life if a bit one note while Village Candles have more complex fruit scents but they can pull a bit artificial. Both companies have –by far- best fragrances for the price range.