Yankee Candle versus Colonial Candle comparison

Yankee Candle versus Colonial Candle- which is better?

colonial candle comparison review

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I’ve been burning Yankee Candles for more than a decade and I’ve been burning Colonial Candles for the last two years. I had a co-worker who absolutely loved Colonial Candles. He had a huge collection and hauled them every couple of months. If he really enjoyed a scent, he’d get me a small jar candle in that scent and I got to try a lot of Colonial Candle fragrances that way.

I can’t get Colonial Candles locally, I need to order them internationally and that’s a big negative for me. I’m now limited in how and what I can get from Colonial. Sometimes I get them as gifts but in general I don’t buy and burn as many because I just can’t get them easily. International post is not a glass anything friendly and I’ve had more than my share of broken candles.

Colonial Candles win in the looks department over Yankee Candle for me. While Yankee Candle has the classic jar candles and now the tumblers, Colonial Candle has oval glass jars that look classy and expensive. The glass is really thick and heavy and it just looks new and interesting.


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Both Colonial Candle and Yankee Candle have various sizes and forms to choose from and you can pick so you get the best sizes for your budget and room size. The prices are comparable, both companies do sales but Yankee Candles has more frequent sales, particularly in the US.

Yankee Candle does “wax tarts” that you can melt and Colonial Candle does “simmer snaps”. While simmer snaps are more expensive, you get a lot more product. I like simmer snaps, since I need to order Colonial Candle products internationally I tend to stick to them when trying out new scents. The throw on them is usually a solid 7 and up, I melt two cubes at a time. With Yankee Candle, I burn a third of the votive at a time for a good scent throw since I find them very strong. They’re not meant to be cut apart so they do make a lot more mess in storage.

The large 22 oz. Colonial Candle jar has 110 hours of burn time. The large Yankee Candle jar has 623 g and 110-150 hours of burn time. The Colonial Candle oval jars have two cotton wicks and Yankee Candle classic jars have one wick, hence longer burn time.

You pretty much need an Illuma Lid for your Yankee Candle large and medium jars to get a good burn with no issues so that’s an extra expense. Sure, you only buy it once, but if you have several jars burning at the same time, you need quite a few on hand. Colonial Candles burn fine on their own, I usually have the 8 oz. candles and they always burn clean and right to the bottom.

colonial candle scented candle comparison review

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Yankee Candle wicks need to be trimmed after every 4-5 hour burn to avoid sooting and high flames. I do the same with Colonial Candles to avoid any sooting.

My personal experience with scent throw on Yankee Candles is good, I know a lot of people have issues with it, mostly in the US. The US has a lot more fragrances to choose from than EU but I maybe had five Yankee Candles in all my years of burning, that had a scent throw less than 5. Colonial Candles in my experience have stronger fragrances in general, meaning that they have more intense notes and therefore the fragrance overall reads stronger. The average scent throw on Colonial Candles in the oval jars is 8. I’d rate the average scent throw on Yankee Candles as 7.

When it comes down to fragrance, both companies release regular seasonal collections. I think Colonial Candle in general has far more complex scents and a lot of them read masculine to me. Many Colonial Candle fragrances also have either a perfume or a cologne note which I dislike in home fragrance. They smell more high end and more unique but on the other hand I don’t think the majority of their fragrances are an “all day” home fragrance. I can burn them for a few hours but then I need a break. With Yankee Candle, they have a huge range of fragrances that are just simple and lovely and you can simply pleasantly scent your home. Colonial Candle fragrances have a bigger impact and I need to be in the mood for a specific fragrance to burn them, while with Yankee Candle, I can just have them as a background scent.