Yankee Candle Tranquil Mist Review Fall 2018

Yankee Candle Tranquil Mist is a brand new scented candle for Fall 2018 season. The new fall candles are all available now at the stores and online in tumbler form. Yankee Candle Tranquil Mist is the least seasonal from the autumnal scents that are currently out but it’s a very generally pleasing scent, one that is guest friendly and can be used any time of the year.

Yankee Candle Tranquil Mist Review Fall 2018

Yankee Candle Tranquil Mist should smell like: Fresh Air, Rose Water, Lavender, Cashmere Accord, Clean Cotton, White Musk, Sandalwood.

Burning Yankee Candle Tranquil Mist candle, I feel like it’s a spa type candle. People compare it to Sweet Nothings a lot and while it doesn’t smell the same, it’s the same spa type fragrance. Spa candles or rather spa home fragrance is close to what we classify as “laundry smell” or “dryer sheets” smell but while those have a distinct detergent or soap note, spa fragrances usually have a body care smell. It is less soap or fabric softener and more body lotion, but same basic notes of calming florals, cotton and white musk.

Yankee Candle Tranquil Mist smells like amber and cotton with some citrusy florals and warm sandalwood, all wrapped in white musk. It’s hard to pick out specific notes but you get the warmth, the dryer sheets and the vanilla and citrus body lotion all blended together with the musk overlay.

Like I said, nothing about Yankee Candle Tranquil Mist says “autumn”, but you can burn it now or on a rainy August afternoon or a cold February morning and it won’t feel out of place. So if you don’t burn candles a whole lot and you tend to end up with jars half full of those spiced pumpkin scents at the end of November, give this a go and you can burn it throughout the year.


I hope you enjoyed my Yankee Candle Tranquil Mist for Fall 2018 and I’ll talk to you soon!