Yankee Candle Be Thankful review; Returning scent 2019

Returning for 2019 is also a scent I haven’t seen in a long time, Yankee Candle Be Thankful. Yankee Candle Be Thankful is the perfect candle to have during Fall Holidays since it will fit all decorations and being sort of a neutral bakery scent it will layer very well with either fall spice scents, bakery fragrances and pretty much any fall fruit smells.


Yankee Candle Be Thankful smells basically like pie crust. I get loads of sugar, butter, a nutty undertone and a hint of baking vanilla. There’s a bit of baking spice (mostly cinnamon) here but it’s very light.

It’s such a good staple to have coming into autumn. I don’t really burn it alone because it’s honestly a bit boring but layering it with fig, plum, apple scents, pumpkin spice you can make all of those pie scents and get so much variety.

The throw on this is more than decent, I’d say a strong 7 on average.

I hope you enjoyed my Yankee Candle Be Thankful review!