Yankee Candle Sweet Seduction review

Yankee Candle Sweet Seduction is the second Halloween themed fragrance for 2017. It will come out instead of Candy Corn this year but it’s a new fragrance, not just a repackage of the classic candy corn scent.

Yankee Candle Sweet Seduction review halloween

Yankee Candle Sweet Seduction smells like the old candy corn candle, layered with a rich vanilla frosting note. The candy corn part is super sweet, candy type honey and caramel mix. Layered over that is the rich, creamy vanilla note. The resulting fragrance is very sweet but creamier than the pure candy version we had before. I much prefer this since I’m not a big fan of candy scents any way.

Candy corn candy is not a thing in Europe so I don’t care about “authenticity” of the scent but even if you personally want to smell the candy corn fragrance for Halloween, this still has enough of it that you won’t miss out.

Yankee Candle Sweet Seduction has a pretty strong throw and combining that with the sweetness of the overall fragrance, this should scent up a couple of rooms with no issues.