Yankee Candle Sweet Fig and Pomegranate review

yankee candle sweet fig and pomegranate fall autumn

Yankee Candle Sweet Fig and Pomegranate is a new fruity scent for the Fall USA Collection. It’s not super unique or anything, a pretty classic Yankee dark berry mix, similar to Yankee’s Lush Berries.

Yankee Candle Sweet Fig and Pomegranate smells like a mix of blueberries, raspberries and currants and pomegranate but is a “cooked berries” scent. It smells like mixed berry jam, but before you add the sugar. The sweetness in this candle comes mainly from the fruit alone, with a bit of help from the base vanilla note, but I don’t get any added sugar.

So the “pomegranate” note is pretty mush a berry mix and the fig note I don’t really get. I get quite a bit of plum and a sort of nutty undertone which I believe is the tonka bean note.

Since I was missing the fig, I paired it with Yankee’s Wild Fig and loved the mix.

It’s not a simplistic scent or anything, since it has a bunch of scent notes in it, but I still feel it’s a tad boring, especially if you have a large jar of it, I’d be looking for things to spice it up after 5 burns for sure. It’s a fragrance that can be paired wit so many scents though. It will work with so many oak or cedar based woody scent, you can layer it with just about any type of fall spice candle and bring out a whole new dimension or just go for a bakery scent and you’ll have a yummy berry and plum pie fragrance!

The throw on Yankee Candle Sweet Fig and Pomegranate is a decent 7.