Yankee Candle Sunset Fields review

Yankee Candle Sunset Fields is the floral scent for the Yankee Candle Fall collection. I was expecting a floral mix with a peppercorn top note to spice it up and make it more seasonal but that’s not really the case.

yankee candle sunset fields fall autumn

Yankee Candle Sunset Fields doesn’t really smell floral overall. The overall fragrance is more like last year’s Crisp Fall Night, so more herbal and woodsy with mossy undertones and the floral notes are there, but they’re definitely not in the forefront of this scent.

Burning Yankee Candle Sunset Fields I get cedar, moss, herbal lavender, some citrus that brightens things up, I can smell the green coriander mixed with a musky iris note and then the peppercorn at the top.

It is a bit perfumey but as a whole, I’d say it’s a less masculine version of Crisp Fall Night.