Yankee Candle Sunfower Days review

Yankee candle Sunflower days is a returning treasure currently available online in a large jar.

I’m not a massive fan of Yankee’s “sunflower” scented candles since they are normally quite perfumey and while I personally don’t have a huge issue with that, perfume type candles tend to give my husband a headache and therefore my time to burn them is usually limited only to the times he’s out of the house.


I couldn’t not pick Sunflower Days though, because I already had the new Sunset Fields out and as soon as Sunflower Days arrived I pulled out Yankee’s Sunflower and Flowers in the Sun, went out into the garden to pick a huge (and I do mean huge) bouquet of sunflowers and lavender, added Yankee’s Lavender Sunset. I set them all up on our outside deck and invited some friends and their kids over for pool time. While the candles were pooling out I made some lavender lemonade and we just ended up having an amazing day.

Everyone loved the candle combination and since they were burning on the deck, the scent wasn’t strong enough to cause any headaches and even my husband ended up loving the smell.

Yankee Candle Sunflower Days is pretty much as expected, a nice floral mix, where the plumeria note dominates and there’s a slight woody note that grounds the floral notes a bit. It’s quite perfumey, but again, most sunflower scents are. It’s nothing amazing alone, but I loved it with the lavender layered.

I hope you enjoyed my Yankee candle sunflower days review and I’ll talk to you soon!