Yankee Candle Summer 2019 Collection Review

Yankee Candle basically did a Spring/Summer season in 2019. That means that they basically released a couple of new scented candles every month from April to August.

The Yankee Candle Summer 2019 Collection I’ll be reviewing here is from the Elevation line. The Summer 2019 collection includes 4 new fragrances: Yankee Candle Sun Warmed Meadows, Yankee Candle Sunlit Sands, Yankee Candle Sweet Nectar Blossom and Yankee Candle Passionflower.

Yankee Candle Passionflower

Yankee Candle Passionflower should smell like Mandarin, Black Currant,
Jasmine Tea, Lotus Blossom, Orchid and Amber Musk.

Burning Passionflower it is one of the prettiest scents in Yankee’s summer line-up. It’s so fresh, the lotus flower has a watery feel to it, I can smell the jasmine and mandarinand just a tiny zing from the currant.

Absolutelly perfect for summer entertaining. This will work great with guests. You can burn this in the bedroom, bathroom or main area the scent will work anywhere.


Yankee Candle Sweet Nectar Blossom

Yankee Candle Sweet Nectar Blossom should smell like Pear, Coconut, Lily of the Valley, Amber and Vanila.

Burning Sweet Nectar Blossom it smells exactly as you would expect based on the name. I smell the while lily of the valley and a fancy spun sugar and vanilla base. The sugary vanilla is not sticky or cheap, it’s a very nice take on the note. The floral is blended into it with a little help of a powdery musk note. It’s not a powdery or a musky scent overall but you can get whiffs of them.

This is a very strong candle, I’d say a solid 9 in throw so be prepared to open some windows.


Yankee Candle Sunlit Sands

Yankee Candle Sunlit Sands should smell like Solar Florals, Fresh Air
Tuberose, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang.

Burning Sunlit Sands, it’s in the same family as Sun and Sand from Yankee. Sun and Sand is such a classic and has been retired in Europe.

It is a great beach smell without being straight up coconut or one of those generic “blue” scents.

I really like this one it’s like a grown up version of Sun and Sand. The jasmine, tuberose and ylang ylang are soft and sweet and the salty air top note is amazingly well done.

It is my favorite of the collection but it is the lightest of the scents.


Yankee Candle Sun Warmed Meadows

Yankee Candle Sun Warmed Meadows should smell like Melon, Geranium
Lavandin, Citrus, Powdery Musk and Amber.

Burning this candle, the geranium and lavender are pretty much all I can smell. The amber is there at the base but the scent feeling is more dry than warm. The powdery musk I could do without here. It just takes it into perfume territory while I’d prefer it to just smell like it would in nature.

The geranium is a floral, dry and sort of herbal. I don’t find geranium note fresh which is my biggest problem with it. It’s just personal taste of course but of all the floral notes my least favorite are geranium, carnation and lily. So with my preferences clear, this is a very nice take on geranium. With the lavender added, it is a definite late August in the south of France type of a scent.

It is a nice take on a late summer floral. If you like geranium and lavender, this will work great. It is very strong though so keep it in mind as strong florals can be headache inducing for a lot of people so I wouldn’t go full out with a large jar if I had guests coming just to be on the safe side.