Yankee Candle Sugared Cinnamon Apple Review Fall 2018

Yankee Candle Sugared Cinnamon Apple is probably the most generally pleasing and autumnal candle of the new Fall 2018 Yankee Candle collection.

Yankee Candle Sugared Cinnamon Apple should smell like scrumptious cinnamon apple with a taste of whipped vanilla frosting.


Burning Yankee Candle Sugared Cinnamon Apple it smells pretty much like you’d expect. It’s well done but honestly pretty generic in terms of the scent notes they’ve thrown together. There’s apple, cinnamon and allspice, vanilla and sugar. That’s it. Yes it’s a good mixture and yes, the apple and spice notes are better done than something you’d pick up at the supermarket but it’s still just an apple and vanilla spice candle. I’d love some woody undertones or even a bakery, pie crust note to elevate it a bit to a Yankee Candle price range. It would even be so much better if they went with a different vanilla note, something darker and more grown up, like a vanilla satin or vanilla sandalwood.

It actually layers really well with Autumn Pearl which has apple notes but also has earthy, herbal patchouli and while I don’t love that on its own, I really like them together.


I hope you enjoyed my Yankee Candle Sugared Cinnamon Apple for Fall 2018 and I’ll talk to you soon!