Yankee Candle Spring 2018 Collection USA Preview

Yankee Candle Spring 2018 Collection Review

Yankee Candle Spring 2018 Collection will include a bunch of new scents and some returning ones. Most of the new scents are the same as the ones in the Spring 2018 European collection but some are available in the USA only.

Yankee Candle Spring 2018 Collection USA Preview

Image by Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle Spring 2018 Collection for USA

Yankee Candle A Calm and Quiet Place

Yankee Candle Early Spring Bloom

Yankee Candle Emerald Isle

Yankee Candle Lucky Shamrock

Yankee Candle Juicy Citrus and Sea Salt

Yankee Candle Life’s a Breeze

Yankee Candle Peaches and Cream

Yankee Candle Sweet Nothings

Yankee Candle Sun Drenched Apricot Rose

Yankee Candle Color me Happy

Emerald Isle and Lucky Shamrock are returning scents that have been out for St. Patrick’s Day before.

A Calm and Quiet Place, Sweet Nothings and Sun Drenched Apricot Rose are the same as in the European collection.

Yankee Candle USA exclusives

Early Spring Bloom and Peaches and Cream are for USA only but they will probably trickle down to Europe later in the season, at least in online stores.

Yankee Candle Peaches and Cream scented candle Review

Yankee Candle Peaches and Cream scented candle came out for the Spring 2018 collection but it’s more of a summer fragrance to me, so I’m just getting around to burning it.

I like peach scents, but they need to not be candy or bubblegum peach – can’t do those at all – and not the overripe, oversweet peach. I like the natural, fresh peach scent.

Yankee Candle peaches and cream Review Spring 2018 Collection Review

A few years ago I was on the hunt for a perfect, fresh peach perfume and it took me SO many samples and fails before I found the right one so I see I’m quite picky about my peach notes.
(The perfume was Peau de peche by Keiko Mecheri in case you were wondering. It doesn’t smell musky at all on me, just a  perfect peach and amber blend.)

The scent of Yankee Candle Peaches and Cream is not quite as I expected. First thing; I don’t get the “cream” here. Maybe a super light milky undertone, but that’s all on that side of the fragrance. Not that I mind the scent but if the scent note is in the actual name of the candle, I want to smell it.

So, cream aside, what I do get is an orange and tart peach mix with floral, peach blossom base. It’s not a balanced mix of floral and fruit, the fruit part definitely dominates and I do like the peach note in it, it’s very natural, no candy or old peaches here. The floral base compliments the middle notes well, it’s just fruit blossom, nothing intense, so it works well.

It’s nice and I do like that it’s not drowned in musk but stays fresh.

Yankee Candle Color Me Happy Review

Yankee Candle Color Me Happy is a late add on to the Spring 2018 Collection for the USA.

Yankee Candle Color Me Happy looks like it would be a honeyed floral fragrance, but it’s not.

Yankee Candle color me happy scented candle review 2018 spring collection
Image by Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle Color Me Happy smells like a tropical fruit punch but with pretty much no added sugar. It’s sweet fruits thrown together but it doesn’t have that syrup-y sweetness that a lot of summer fruit punch themed candles have. This is a fresher, fruit juice version.
As for the fruits, I get loads of mango, guava, passion fruit, and some peach in here. There’s nothing else going on, I don’t get any other interesting undertones that would take this to a more complex level, but it is a good scent if a little basic.
I’d say it’s great for a transition from spring to summer and it will fit right into full-on summer as well.

As for layering, I paired it with White Tea and it was awesome. I also wanted to add a floral aspect and paired it with Verbena but that didn’t work at all so I aired that out and layered it with Honey Blossom and that was much better.

Yankee Candle Early Spring Bloom Review

Yankee Candle Early Spring Bloom is a surprisingly complex scent that is new from Yankee for the Spring 2018 Season.

Yankee Candle Early Spring Bloom Spring 2018 Collection Review
Image by Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle Early Spring Bloom really surprised me in how complex and interesting it is. For spring and summer I find that Yankee often does very simplistic scents and while they do them well, every time I get a two-note scent from Yankee Candle I feel like I vastly overpaid if it is a scent simple enough that can easily be found at a supermarket price. So even if it’s a great version of a two-note fragrance, I still feel like I made a bad deal and I should have spent my money better.

With Yankee Candle Early Spring Bloom I was expecting a basic nondescript spring floral mix but it’s so much more.

Yankee Candle Early Spring Bloom smells like a creamy floral with a citrus kick and a body care undertone. The specific notes I get is lemon and verbena at the top. Then I get lilac and cherry blossom and field greenery for the floral middle and at the base, I get a bit of a woody tone, like a nice rosewood introduction and all that is softened and sweetened by tonka bean that ties well with the floral and gives the vanilla, creamy, body care vibe to the overall fragrance.

It’s a lovely scent, definitely worth the Yankee Candle price tag. I don’t think it needs layering but I did have Honey Clementine going in another room so I tried mixing them and it works really well.

The throw on Yankee Candle Early Spring Bloom is a nice medium 7, which I think is a safe range for a floral fragrance to keep it guest friendly.

Yankee Candle A Calm and Quiet Place scented candle Review

Yankee Candle A Calm and Quiet Place scented candle falls somewhere between a laundry type fragrance and a men’s shower gel type scent.

Yankee Candle a calm and quiet place Review Spring 2018 Collection Review

On the first impression, Yankee Candle A Calm and Quiet Place smells like something that is usually called “cashmere” or “blanket” something. You get that laundry, fabric softener smell paired with the blond wood or sandalwood and amber base. But once it warms up and gets a chance to develop fully, it gets much more interesting.

It obviously still smells like amber and sandalwood at the base but the top and middle notes are what makes this fragrance.
Over the base, we get a mandarin and jasmine mix with a faint patchouli note floating around. The floral note fits so well in here, I really love the jasmine and amber combo for that cozy, slightly exotic vibe. The mandarin adds to the freshness and the patchouli adds a bit of unisex that goes well with the sandalwood. It’s super well balanced but could totally be marketed as a fall scent though.  It also works as a spa type scents and I think is quite guest friendly.

This is a fairly light scent in candle form, I’d say a weak 6 in throw, you’ll get most out of it if you’ll use it in a bathroom or a smallish bedroom.

The wax melts are going to knock you out though. I was burning my jar candle and my mum commented on how much she likes it, so I bought her a few wax melts in this scent. I went to visit a few days later and the scent almost knocked me out at the front door. It was so strong I honestly thought she dumped all three wax melts in at the same time and cranked up her melter but it was just half a melt! One half of a wax melt in this scent managed to fully scent an entire floor of her house.

Yankee Candle Sweet Nothings scented candle Review

Yankee Candle Sweet Nothings scented candle is a very blended, hard to define fragrance that will work best in a bathroom or bedroom.

I feel like Yankee Candle Sweet Nothings will be a polarizing candle. In my experience, powdery florals usually fall into love or hate category. This is not super intense so it might be a more middle ground scent but you still need to like powdery, floral perfume type scent for home fragrance to really enjoy this candle.

Yankee Candle sweet nothings Review Spring 2018 Collection Review

Yankee Candle Sweet Nothings smells like Cyclamen, Lotus Blossom, Vanilla, Powdery Musk, Amber. The top is a sensual floral mix, quite perfumey, pretty much zero greenery or rather “natural” floral aspects in these notes. And to build up that vibe we get the amber and vanilla base over loads of powder and musk. The powder here is the most dominant note I feel, so the overall feeling is quite dry.

Like I said, it’s not too potent and with these notes, you don’t really want it to be, because when these kinds of fragrances are done too strong, it’s a migraine waiting to happen for scent sensitive people and you really don’t want to trigger a guest’s headache with your home fragrance. So I feel like Yankee did a good job balancing the type and strength of scent in this candle.