Yankee Candle Spring and Easter Haul

I finally got around to do some shopping at Yankee Candle this week. I was waiting to see exactly how many people we’ll be having over for Easter holidays and what exactly I’ll be doing in terms of food and decorating before I did any major candle hauling.

But now I have the basics covered and after shopping my stash I saw that I actually don’t need to buy that many candles for the dinner and the picnic I have planned. In fact, I ended up just getting the new scents and I’ll incorporate them with the older stuff I pulled out for the events.

I bought the 3 new scents from the European Spring Pure Essence collection and more of the older Pure Essence scents that are my absolute faves anyway. I also got the new Ester scent called Happy Spring. It will go well with the Pure Essence candles I’ll have burning since it’s a fresh floral rather than a foody scent I was expecting to see.

My Yankee Candle Spring and Easter Haul included:
Yankee Candle Linden Tree
Yankee Candle Wild Mint
Yankee Candle Cherry Blossom
Yankee Candle Happy Spring
Yankee Candle Aloe Water
Yankee Candle Shea Butter
Yankee Candle Verbena

I hope you enjoyed my Yankee Candle Spring and Easter  Haul and I’ll talk to you soon!
**All images by Yankee Candle