Yankee Candle Spring 2019 collection review Core collection

Along with Sunday Brunch collection that is already out Yankee Candle will release another Spring 2019 collection that will have 4 new fragrances and one returning scent.

I’ve burned votives in all of the new scents and Alfresco Afternoon is by far my favorite of the collection. I’ve played around with some layering and fragrance mixing. I don’t think this collection is layering friendly though. Individual scents are too complex to tolerate a lot of messing about. The two I find layer best are Turquoise Glass and Seaside Woods.

Yankee Candle Spring 2019 review

5 New Yankee Candle Spring 2019 scented candles

  1. Yankee Candle Turquoise Glass
  2. Yankee Candle Market Blossoms
  3. Yankee Candle Moonlit Blossoms
  4. Yankee Candle Seaside Woods
  5. Yankee Candle Alfresco Afternoon

Yankee Candle Turquoise Glass Review

The fragrance notes in Yankee Candle Turquoise Glass are Iced Watermelon, Peach Tea, Sea Breeze, Tiare Flower, Freesia, Musk, and White Cedarwood.

 Burning my Turquoise Glass the overall impression of the scent is a summer floral with sea and wood undertones. I can’t really smell the fruit notes of watermelon and peach here. I do get loads of freesia mixed with some tiare flower. It’s a lovely mixture, excellent for spring or summer. The base of the sea, musk, and cedar is quite faint and adds a bit of depth to the florals. It’s light enough to keep the scent safely out of the cologne range. I’d say it’s just your classic Yankee driftwood note, added with a light hand.

Yankee Candle Moonlit Blossoms Review

The fragrance notes in Yankee Candle Moonlit Blossoms are Blackberry, Pomegranate, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Powdery Musk, Amber.

Burning my Moonlit Blossoms votive, it’s mostly blackberry and amber fragrance with a little bit of florals thrown in.


Someone online compared it to a mix between Napa Valley Sun and Dark Berries and I think that’s a pretty good description.

The blackberry with its tartness and the warmth of the amber have a very autumnal vibe. The bits of jasmine and dry lavender overlayed with the musk also feel very late summer, early fall. I don’t think the scent fits into a spring collection but it’s a nice fragrance, definitely for people who love their berry scents.

Yankee Candle Market Blossoms Review

Yankee Candle Market Blossoms was out three years ago and it’s back in 2019. It is a nice floral and fruit mix that I think will be generally pleasing to just about anyone except those who need a masculine take in a fragrance. It’s a light scent that will work for every day and for when you have guests over. It’s very blended, meaning that nothing specifically stands out so if you want your home fragrance to have more definition, you can boost this with either Sweet Strawberry or Summer Peach or go the floral route and mix it with Pink Peony or Midnight Jasmine.

Yankee Candle market blossoms spring 2019 review

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Market Blossoms are blossoms and ripe berries.

A very vague scent description but it fits because the fragrance is so blended nothing actually jumps at you. You really just get an even mix of spring type florals and berry notes.

I actually got two large jars of Yankee Candle Market Blossoms because I think it’s a great all day candle that works super well for mixing with other scents. Whenever I get tired of the scents itself (which happens often with a large jar, because it just lasts forever) I mix it with stuff I have hanging out in my wax stash.

So far, I’ve mixed it with Yankee’s Sweet strawberry, Black Cherry, Raspberry sorbet, Midnight Jasmine, Fresh Cut Roses, Peony and Summer Peach and you always get a brand new scent with the nicely blended background.

You could also mix it with spice candles either Yankee’s Ginger Dusk, anything with cinnamon or the classic fall apple and cinnamon mix to give it an autumnal vibe. In fact, this is like a spring, non-spiced version of the Yankee’s Farmer’s Market candle, so if you like that, this will work for you as well.

The throw on the large jar was a 7.

Yankee Candle Seaside Woods Review

Yankee Candle Seaside Woods should smell like driftwood citrus and floral notes.

Yankee Candle Spring 2019 alfresco afternoon review

Burning my Seaside Woods votive I smell a lot of driftwood. It’s basically a nice light cedar with sea accord saltiness mixed in. The other note I smell is very fresh bergamot and a tiny bit of herbal lavender. Overall it’s a lovely mix, very much on the masculine side and the bergamot giver it that cologne vibe.

Yankee Candle Alfresco Afternoon Review

Alfresco Afternoon should smell like Fresh Air Accord, Eucalyptus, Aromatic Juniper, Nectarine Blossoms, Conifer Leaves, Woody Notes.

Burning my Yankee Candle Alfresco Afternoon votive I mostly get a nectarine and juniper mixture. It’s such an original fragrance and I was so surprised by it. Not at all what I expected. It’s super complex and very guest friendly. I’ll definitelly be picking this one up in a large jar or two. The eucalyptus gives it a fresh zing but it’s not a »clear your nose« amount. The woody base is light and just gives the scent a bit of a base. Conifer leaves is not as fancy as it sounds, it’s just an evergreen, pine-like scent. I don’t get that specifically in here but the juniper already has that evergreen smell and considering that it’s not a dominant note I think that’s all I can smell here.


So overall this collection has two winners in Alfresco Afternoon and Market Blossoms. The others I could leave honestly.

Seaside Woods is very similar to old Beach Wood and Driftwood and while I understand that all those have a place in summer collections I could do with a new twist on the topic.

Moonlit Blossoms is too autumnal and feels like it doesn’t fit in this collection.

Turquoise Glass is lovely and it’s just my personal preference that doesn’t put it onto the winner’s list.