Yankee Candle Shoreline candle review

Yankee Candle Shoreline is marketed on the UK Yankee Candle website as a USA exclusive. The funny thing is, that we’ve been able to buy it since the beginning of March and it’s still nowhere to be found in the USA.

This is a nice, summer floral scent. It’s very strong, definitely a strong 8 in scent throw, so if you’re sensitive to strong florals you might want to keep that in mind.

yankee candle shoreline review

Yankee Candle Shoreline smells like a mix of orange blossom and hibiscus, so super fresh, citrusy florals. The base is a driftwood and white musk mix. The driftwood adds the salt note and the musk is typically added to the “beach” type scents to give us a sand and sun haze vibe. There is a watery top note but that’s very faint. Due to the name I was expecting it, so I could smell it from time to time, but mostly it’s the double floral mix with a musky driftwood base.

This pairs very well with Beach Waves and both will be going with me to our beach house this summer. Other ideas for fragrance layering are Yankee’s Plumeria, Tahitian Tiare Flower or Midnight Jasmine.

yankee candle shoreline review summer