Yankee Candle Sea Air review

Yankee Candle Sea Air is a new scent and the most floral overall fragrance for the Summer 2019 collection.

Yankee Candle Sea Air is very soft, light fragrance. It pairs well with the other scents from this collection, which I always appreciate but there is a bit of cologne feel to it.
The cologne vibe comes from the top notes of water and sea air, which Yankee Candle tends to interpret as a men’s shower gel type smell.

Yankee Candle sea air scented candle review 2017

Top notes aside, the overall fragrance is mostly rose and white floral mix with a very nice sandalwood note at the base.

Like I said, it’s a light scent, so none of the notes are jumping up, it’s just a fresh, light floral, soft fragrance.

My friends used to live in this tiny one bedroom apartment and sometimes I’d pick them up in the evenings to go out and they’d just finished getting ready for a night out and their flat smelled like a mix of women’s floral and men’s sport shower gel and light sandalwood based cologne, so Yankee Candle Sea Air scent works for me because it really reminds me of that time. Those memories aside, it’s a nice, but kind of meh scent, nothing super special.