Yankee Candle Raindrops Review; Spring, Summer 2018 Collection

I think Yankee Candle Raindrops is officially coming out as a part of the USA summer 2018 collection but for some reason it’s out now as an USA Exclusive here in Europe.

Based on the listed notes Yankee Candle Raindrops was a big surprise for me. The official notes are: Citrus, Watery Rain, Peony, Damascus Rose, White Musk. I was expecting a fresh citrusy rose scent mixed with loads of ozone and musk. And as someone who enjoys a good peony/rose scent in early spring, I had high hopes.


Burning Yankee Candle Raindrops, I get a classic Yankee’s take on “rain”, meaning it’s a masculine shower gel type of scent. The floral note is there but I would go with geranium and herbal lavender, not rose or peony. The herbal aspect is the strongest; I’d say it’s a mix of geranium, lavender and basil. Then we get the shower gel, aquatic note and musk as base.


The overall scent is like a day version of Yankee’s Evening Air. You get the herbal side, the water, the musk, but you don’t get that spicy wood base so it’s lighter and fresher overall.

I hope you enjoyed my Yankee Candle Raindrops Review.