Yankee Candle New Labels and Price Increase for 2016

I’ve been following some wax blogs and I’ve been reading about Yankee Candle changing the labels and the font on their classic jars but today was the first time I actually found a picture of the new labels.
The new Yankee Candle labels and font can be seen here.
I’m not terribly bothered by the change since I normally put my jar candles into various candle holders but I’m not a fan of the new look. I don’t really see the appeal of the smaller label but maybe I need to see it lit to get how the changed look is better than the current one.
The price increase bothers me more. I’ve been talking to the owner of my local Yankee store and she did say that the price per jar will go up 2 EUR after the summer. That really bums me out because I keep reading and hearing about these amazing deals the USA people are getting on their Yankees and us EU folks are getting price increases. But on the other hand I also keep hearing about how USA people are getting bad Yankees that are basically unscented while I’ve never had an unscented Yankee Candle and they burn well. So maybe there is a difference in overall product quality for different markets that is mirrored by the price.