Yankee Candle Nature’s Paintbrush scented candle Review

Yankee Candle Nature’s Paintbrush is back as a treasure. This has one of my favorite labels of all times and looking at it, I realized just how many jars I’ve bought over the years for the look alone. The labels, paired with the color of the wax were huge factors when I was meh about the fragrance alone. I’m positive there’s a good chunk of Yankee Candle customers that have done the same and I can’t imagine the new USA labels doing that at all.


Image by Yankee Candle

Official scent notes in Yankee Candle Nature’s Paintbrush are: brisk air, spicy woods and warm musk.

I find this to be in the same vein as November Rain or Midsummer’s Night. A masculine shower gel or aftershave type scent but this one is the least masculine of the three. I get citrus and bergamot, underlined with spiced sandalwood, a bit of amber to warm it up and musky, dark vanilla to blend it all together.

I don’t care for cologne type scents but my brother does and this is one of his favorites.

The scent throw on my large jar of Yankee Candle Nature’s Paintbrush is about an 8, great for a larger room.