Yankee Candle Mountain Lake scented candle Review

I got Yankee Candle Mountain Lake  as a present for my brother, who really enjoys this type of scents. It’s currently available as a treasure for a limited time and together with Yankee Candle Nature’s Paintbrush and Yankee Candle Autumn Night, which are both in stores now, I think you have a perfect Autumnal or transitional trio if you are a cologne type fragrance fan.

Yankee Candle Mountain Lake scented candle Review

Image by Yankee Candle

Official scent notes in Yankee Candle Mountain Lake are: mountain pines and cypress with notes of lily and musk.

So yeah, it’s a men’s shower gel fragrance. These are most often called “cologne” scents but since this so fresh and watery, I’d say it’s more of a shower gel. I smell bergamot and sage as top notes, mixing with a strong water note and underlined by oak, lily and pine.

It’s OK, very green and watery, with the wood base notes taking it into a very masculine territory.

If you liked Over the River from Yankee, you’ll enjoy this as well. It’s a nice year round scent but works great as a transition fragrance, say in November. It also works really well paired with Yankee’s Sea Harbor.

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The scent throw on my large jar of Yankee Candle Mountain Lake is about an 8.