Yankee Candle Midnight Jasmine scented candle Review

Yankee Candle Midnight Jasmine is a evening staple scented candle at my house, I burn it a lot in the summer and autumn, I’ve burned jars of Yankee Candle Midnight Jasmine out on the deck, I’ve melted tarts of this scent in my mail hall and I’m currently on my third large jar.

Update: This scent is being sold in large bundles at major retailers. I’m talking a bundle like a caouple of large jars, a few small jars, votives, tealights and car jars all in Midnight Jasmine. And the deal on these bundles is amazing. So if you enjoy the scent it might be worth looking into.


yankee candle midnight jasmine review

The official scent notes of Yankee Candle Midnight Jasmine are: water jasmine, sweet honeysuckle, neroli, and mandarin blossom. Now I’m not sure what a water jasmine should smell like but this smells like regular white jasmine to me. I get a hint of neroli and an undertone of mixed florals that is too soft for me to pick up specific flowers.

I love this scent, the jasmine is heady and amazing and really true to life. It’s a super strong thrower, I find the large jar too strong to burn indoors but I do love the tarts for inside, I melt about a third of the tart at a time and it scents my whole house.

My large jar burns well in my luminary, I get an even wax pool after about three hours when I burn it out on the deck and I would rate scent throw as 9.

I hope you enjoyed my Yankee Candle Midnight Jasmine scented candle Review and I’ll talk to you soon!