Yankee Candle Island Waterfall review

Yankee Candle Island Waterfall is an online exclusive for Summer but is also available at some BHG stores so if you want to sniff it before purchasing, you can.

Yankee Candle island waterfall scented candle review summer 2017

Yankee Candle Island Waterfall is a very strong, musky floral candle. For me, it doesn’t go with the name or the label, but it goes with the wax color. It’s pretty much a dark blue, floral fragrance.

You know how in scented candle world we often say that “it’s a typical blue scent” and by that we mean a run of the mill aquatic, ozone scent with a cologne undertone? This has that same “blue” notes on top but then things get unusual. The floral notes in Yankee Candle Island Waterfall are lily and freesia. Freesia is a very fresh, very peppery floral with a green wood undertone. I love freesia alone or paired with fruit notes like pear. Meanwhile, lily is a very heavy, intense, dark floral. Water lily is usually a watery, lighter version of the classic lily but in this candle I think it just clings to the musk base and refuses to brighten.

The overall fragrance therefore is an odd mix of two floral notes that don’t really go together, heavy musk base and generic water and ozone notes. I think that they put the middle and top notes together, saw that they clash and tried to forcefully blend them into a cohesive fragrance by adding a ton of musk. And musk is normally a great blender note, but I find it didn’t help matters much in here.