Yankee Candle Hydrangea review, returning treasure

Yankee Candle Hydrangea is back as a returning fragrance. It has the old label and looks beautiful. Online there’s a lot of people being very dissapointed becasue they purchased Yankee Candle Hydrangea thinking it’s the same as Yankee Candle Blue Hydrangea. It’s not the same candle, it’s not the same fragrance. Blue Hydrangea is floral with lots of green notes and some water notes as well.

yankee candle hydrangea review returning treasure 2017

Yankee Candle Hydrangea smells like hyacinth with some fresh lilacs mixed in and a light, clean, almost soapy undertone and a bit of honey to sweeten it up. This is a very clean take on a floral scent, it’s less complex and less green than Blue Hydrangea but lighter and soapier.

As I’ve said loads of times before, straight up floral scents like this can be headache inducing if too potent. So I don’t like my florals super strong, I like them with a nice 6-7 throw and fairly light, so I don’t have to rush around and air out my house if I have guests coming, since you never want to bombard people with intense scents, no matter how nice those scents may be.

Yankee Candle Hydrangea has a throw of about a 6, so it’s guest friendly but if you want your candle to throw you out of a room, this is not for you.