Yankee Candle Holiday Sage scented candle Review; Winter Holiday 2019 returning favorites

Yankee Candle Holiday Sage is one of the most versatile and interesting holiday scents from Yankee Candle. It can easily be burned all year round, I love it for the kitchen for when I’m making piles of food and need a neutralizing scent, so around here, it comes out a lot, especially around pre-holidays and pre-birthdays. It’s also a good scent to have when you have people over, I have yet to find a person who wouldn’t like it.

I finished a Yankee Candle Holiday Sage jar last year and even though I have Yankee’s Sage and Citrus for now, I’ll be picking up another jar of this now that it’s back as a returning favorite or Treasure.

Yankee Candle Holiday Sage scented candle Review Winter Holiday 2017 returning favorites
Image by Yankee Candle

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Holiday Sage are: aromatic sage, earthy rosemary, festive cinnamon, seasonal evergreens, Yule log.

Burning Yankee Candle Holiday Sage, I smell the sage that Yankee does so well, followed by rosemary, basil, pine, some light eucalyptus, cinnamon and just a tiny bit of vetiver. It’s a very herb garden type of scent, that’s why it works so well when you’re cooking lots of stuff and need a something to clean the air up a bit. I tend to pair this with wide open windows, so I really get just a whiff of herbs but in the winter, the wide open windows are not happening and this still works really well. You get a earthy, mixed herb scent. Very nice.

The scent throw on a large jar was a strong 7. It scents my medium sized kitchen in 20 minutes flat.

I hope you enjoyed my Yankee Candle Holiday Sage scented candle Review and I’ll talk to you soon!