Yankee Candle Haunted Hollow review

Yankee Candle Haunted Hollow is the new scent for the 2017 Halloween collection from Yankee Candle. There has been a lot of happy buzz about this scent in the wax community and now that I’ve burned it I can say it was not just hype. Yankee Candle Haunted Hollow is a very different scent than what we normally get from Yankee in their Halloween collections. As I’ve mentioned somewhere before, this scent ties in well with their National Parks collection. It’s very natural, outdoorsy, very complex, interesting and different.

Yankee Candle Haunted Hollow review Halloween 2017 limited edition

Is this going to appeal to the masses like say a basic candy corn scent would? No. Fragrances like spiced apple and candy are the ones you pick up and burn when you know you’ll have people popping in and you just want the house to smell yummy and simple. Fragrances like Yankee Candle Haunted Hollow you burn when you have the time to enjoy them for yourself, for their complexity and different aspects, not just becasue they are “nice”. Don’t get me wrong, Yankee Candle Haunted Hollow is a perfectly nice scent, there’s nothing odd about it or anything but it takes a bit more attention to fully enjoy it.

It’s the same with perfumes really, we all have a bottle (or ten) of perfumes that are “for us”. The ones you don’t put on for a day at the office or a date but you’ll put them on when you just want to enjoy them yourself.

Yankee Candle Haunted Hollow smells mostly like a dry mix of pine needles and cedar wood. It’s basically a woody fragrance with a bunch of notes piled on top. On top of the woody base we get a citrus mix, the orange, lime and bergamot. Then a hint of the warming spices, the clove and cinnamon. The patchoulli is here, of course, what would a Halloween candle be without it. It’s on the green side, giving a cooling, almost herbal feel. There’s some amber at the bottom but not much, it’s more of a cool scent than warm, the amber acts more as a blender note here.

You can do so much with this fragrance in terms of layering. Personally I’ll definitelly amp up the citrus, amber and vanilla notes, because that’s just what I like in my woody scents but even just adding a simple pumpkin scent will work great.

Yankee Candle Haunted Hollow is quite strong, keep in mind it has a bunch of intense notes so you don’t want this in a small room. The throw is a solid 8, I had it in the main hall and it did great.