Yankee Candle French Countryside review

Yankee Candle French Countryside is a part of the USA Spring Collection and you can already find it at some stores there. As expected from the name and the label it’s a floral scent but it does have some surprising elements as well.

yankee candle french countryside scented candle review spring 2017 collection

Image by Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle French Countryside is a mix of strong floral notes. I get lots of lilacs and roses with a bit of jasmine in the background. Then there’s a green herbal note thrown in, that takes is away from the boring floral mix and makes it a bit more fun. Yankee’s mixed herbs and florals before but usually they go in heavier with the herbs while here that note is not dominant at all.

The overall scent comes out a bit dry to my nose, almost like aged flowers but rose scents can often lean that way. The lilacs note does lift it a bit but not enough to make it a fresh floral.

I don’t particularly enjoy this on its own and with Provence being one of my favorite places for early summer I wanted to make it work for me. It doesn’t take a lot to freshen it up and make it more French and fresh. All this needs is some citrus, some watery notes and some fresh lavender. You can just throw an old tart of Lemon Lavender in the mix and it will work fine. But, since we have a whole new collection to play with here, I added the new Honey Lavender Gelato and it was an amazing layered fragrance.  I also layered it with some April Showers from last spring and it worked OK but nothing amazing.