Yankee Candle Easter 2019 Review

Yankee Candle Easter 2019 collection will bring us 3 new Easter-themed fragrances.

As per usual Yankee is doing sweet, confectionary-themed scented candles for the Easter 2019 holiday. I frankly like that they are sticking to the expected because it’s a pretty specific holiday with an emphasis on chocolate and candy so why go with something completely out there.


For Easter 2019 in Europe and UK we are getting 2 new scented candles. As expected both are dessert-themed; Yankee Candle Easter Basket and Yankee Candle Rainbow Shake.

For USA Easter 2019 you’ll be getting both Yankee Candle Easter Basket and Yankee Candle Rainbow Shake but you’ll be getting another scent called Yankee Candle Berry Bliss.

Compared to the last few Easter collections I am quite looking forward to both EU candles and adding them to my table setups. I have a rule about food and candles; only dessert-scented candles can burn during a party or event where food is being served. I feel like clean or floral scents just fight with the natural food smells.

Yankee Candle Sweet Candies Easter 2019 Review

Yankee Candle Sweet Candies should smell like cherry, green apple and nectarine at the top with pineapple blossom and sugar as middle and base notes.

Burning my large jar of Sweet Candies it’s a very light scent. Even sniffing it on cold I just got a vague sweet fragrance and I thought that it will develop as it warms up. I mean it does smell like candy. Unfortunately, it smells like very cheap, fruit flavored candy. The most dominant candy note is the cherry with the apple close second. Cherry candy is probably my least favorite of all so keep my bias in mind here.

I feel like this is way to generic of a fragrance to be carrying a Yankee Candle name and price tag. It’s not a horrible smell and it burns fine but I could honestly pick a candle with this scent and this strength at my Aldi for 5 EUR.

I still have last year’s Yankee Candle White Chocolate and Yankee Candle Peeps.  I burned my Yankee Candle Happy Spring that came out for Easter in Europe as I found it to be a nice everyday floral fragrance. White Chocolate Bunnies and Sweet Candies from last year are also burned down.

Last year’s Easter candle that didn’t impress me was Yankee Candle Rainbow Cookie.

Yankee Candle Rainbow Cookie Review

Yankee Candle Rainbow Cookie should smell like cookies filled with citrus and peach and sweet vanilla frosting.

Burning Yankee Candle Rainbow Cookie, I smell tart fruit candy. Really quite generic; almost cheap fruit candy. As for the fruit notes, I get orange, peach, coconut, passion fruit, but they are all super fake, candy aromas, nothing to do with actual fruit. They do smell like the cheap baking aromas you buy, but with that candy sweetness added. At the base of the fragrance, I do smell a rather faint buttercream, sugar and vanilla mix but it’s all far too weak to get the overall scent from “candy” to “cookie”. First, there’s no bakery note here. But we could let that go and pretend that the sugar and vanilla mix alone is enough to give us the “cookie” vibe. Unfortunately the “cookie mix” gets buried under the sugary, fruity top notes and it takes a while before you can smell it at all.


So yeah, this didn’t work for me. I mixed it with Christmas Cookie to get it to where I wanted it but honestly, the top notes smell so generic and meh to me, I didn’t really enjoy the fragrance even with the cookie part amped up.

Yankee Candle Happy Easter scented candle Review

Yankee Candle Happy Easter is this year’s Limited Edition candle for the Easter holidays. These Easter candles from Yankee tend to be pretty simple and expected, chocolate and vanilla and lots of sugar type fragrances. This year is no exception. I have a votive and when I melted it, it smelled fine, however, I smelled a large jar of this at my friend’s house yesterday and it had a slight plastic-y note to it. It might have been burning weird, I didn’t go and check out her jar, but there was definitely something odd about the scent. My votive was totally fine though.

Yankee Candle Happy Easter

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Happy Easter are: white chocolate, vanilla.

This smells like the Yankee Candle Buttercream with more vanilla and a bit more sugar. People seem to be disappointed that it doesn’t smell like chocolate but I don’t see why it would since white chocolate doesn’t actually smell like chocolate either. Just creamy, sweet milk note with vanilla. It’s fine, you can do a lot of layering with it, it will work well after Easter as well since it’s basically just a sweet vanilla fragrance.

The scent throw on a fourth of my votive was an 8 and the throw on a large jar was a 7. This will scent a medium sized room with no problem. It is a light scent though so don’t expect to be hit over the head with vanilla.

Yankee Candle Happy Easter will work with a chocolate candle, coffee or tea scent or a cinnamon spice candle if you want to go warmer. I’ve even paired it with a lemonade scent and it was really nice. You’ll have no problem using this up since it’s very versatile.


The Easter classic Jelly Beans is not coming back this year in the USA or EU. It only came back to Europe last year. It’s not my favorite scent though so I’m not bothered.