Yankee Candle Cuban Mojito review

Yankee Candle Cuban Mojito is a very simple, straight forward scent, that smells even better than the drink and is perfect for summer parties and summer in general.

Yankee Candle cuban mojito scented review 2017 summer

I do a lot of summer barbecues at the house and I’ll be getting a few jars of Yankee Candle Cuban Mojito for sure. It’s the type of scent that is extremely guest friendly and you can have a jar going when you’re serving food without worrying that the food scents and the candle fragrance will clash.

This fragrance works for all spaces of the house, I’d burn it in a kitchen but have no issues with it in a bathroom.

Yankee Candle cuban mojito scented candle review 2017 summer

The scent is a simple mint and lime mix, with loads of sugarcane and a bit of vanilla. So it is very sweet, almost syrupy, but because you have the sugarcane with two extremely fresh notes in lime and mint, it doesn’t feel too sickly sweet and sticky but stays nice and fresh. The lime is done well, I don’t smell and “lemony toilet cleaner” in this at all.