Yankee Candle Crackling Wood Fire review; Christmas Holiday 2017 collection

Yankee Candle Crackling Wood Fire is a part of the new Winter Holiday 2017 collection for Europe.

Yankee Candle Crackling Wood Fire was my least favorite of the collection and after giving it a fair shot I gave it to my brother to enjoy since it’s a lot more his tast .

Buying Crackling Wood Fire, I was expecting a standard winter lodge type of scent with smoky wood notes but this is quite different.

Yankee Candle crackling wood fire scented candle review 2018

Image by Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle Crackling Wood Fire smells like sandalwood and cedar at the base which is expected. A lot of stuff is layered on though. I get lots of smoky incense. I also get a floral mix of lavender and lily notes that add to the heaviness of the fragrance. To lift the whole thing, they added some bergamot which pushed the candle right into a masculine cologne territory. The scent is warmed by an amber vanilla mixture and overall, it’s a lot to take for me. To be clear, nothing smells bad and the mixture is well balanced, it’s just a lot of intense notes and the cologne vibe that I just couldn’t get into.

It mixes really well with The Perfect Tree from the same collection..

I hope you enjoyed my Yankee Candle Crackling Wood Fire review.