Yankee Candle Cozy By The Fire scented candle Review

Yankee Candle Cozy By The Fire is a newbie for this year’s Winter/Holiday season from Yankee. I appreciate a bit of a different take on a Holiday scent, since I do get sick of all things pine, balsam and evergreen pretty fast and those notes usually find their way into a lot of winter fragrances.

Yankee Candle Cozy By The Fire scented candle Review

Image by Yankee Candle

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Cozy By The Fire are: ginger, clove, orange, wood, hot and aromatic drink.

What makes this different is the smoke note. It’s a very nice version of it, I find a lot of smoke notes unbearable but this one is OK. If you want the indoor fireplace scent, this note is a very nice, subtle nod to it. It’s like the scent when you have a fire going the night before and then you come into the room early in the morning and there’s the lingering smokey, woodsy smell. I was never a big fan of indoor fireplaces for the smell, I like the feel and the whole crackling, cozy vibe but honestly, I can do without the smells of the burning wood and smoke. I love those outside, but inside…meh, not for me. Burning Yankee Candle Cozy By The Fire I get the fireplace smoke note, strong orange and clove and a bit of a boozey note, like mulled wine.

It’d say it’s a good scent to give to a guy for a present or for a man to burn when wanting an alternative to the Christmas tree type scents but doesn’t want anything too food-y or sweet.

The scent throw was a strong 7 on my large jar. It scented my living room in about 45 minutes.

I’d burn this from late November to late February.