Yankee Candle Carrot Cake review

The Yankee Candle Semi Annual Sale is happening right now in the USA and due to the label change and other overall changes going on with the company people had pretty high expectations in terms of stuff that will be included in the sale. I’ve asked my USA dwelling friend to keep her eye out for interesting stuff that might pop up and she picked up a large jar of Carrot Cake for me. Carrot Cake was last seen in stores in 2016 and then on and off at the outlets only. Now it’s back for the sale and I think it’s one of those that’s worth getting, especially for the sale price.

Yankee Candle Carrot Cake scented candle Review

Image by Yankee Candle

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Carrot Cake are: carrot cake, walnuts.

I consider myself an expert on carrot cake scents. I’ve been baking them for 20 years and I’ve made and smelled every version you can think of. Basically they all smell like cinnamon and nutmeg, sometimes ginger, then comes the “cake” scent, the sweetness from the carrot and the rest depends on random stuff you throw in there.

Yankee Candle Carrot Cake smells like cinnamon and nutmeg, sugar and creamy vanilla icing. It’s basically standard baking spices with the icing note. I miss a good “cake” or rather a strong bakery note in this. I also miss the promised walnuts. I don’t get a nutty note at all.

As long as you like cinnamon, you’ll enjoy this candle. It’s probably best for cooler weather but the spices aren’t so strong that it screams autumn.

As far as carrot cake fragrances go, I actually prefer the Goose Creek version but I’m glad Yankee brought this one back for the sale.

The scent throw on the large jar is a weak 7. It will work in a medium sized room.