Yankee Candle A Calm and Quiet Place Review; Spring 2018 Collection Review

Yankee Candle A Calm and Quiet Place scented candle falls somewhere between a laundry type fragrance and a men’s shower gel type scent.

Yankee Candle a calm and quiet place Review Spring 2018 Collection Review

On first impression, Yankee Candle A Calm and Quiet Place smells like something that is usually called “cashmere” or “blanket” something. You get that laundry, fabric softener smell paired with the blond wood or sandalwood and amber base. But once it warms up and gets a chance to develop fully, it gets much more interesting.

It obviously still smells like an amber and sandalwood at the base but the top and middle notes are what makes this fragrance.
Over the base, we get a mandarin and jasmine mix with a faint patchouli note floating around. The floral note fits so well in here, I really love the jasmine and amber combo for that cozy, slightly exotic vibe. The mandarin adds to the freshness and the patchouli adds a bit of unisex that goes well with the sandalwood. It’s super well balanced but could totally be marketed as a fall scent though.  It also works as a spa type scents and I think is quite guest friendly.

This is a fairly light scent in candle form, I’d say a weak 6 in throw, you’ll get most out of it if you’ll use it in a bathroom or a smallish bedroom.

The wax melts are going to knock you out though. I was burning my jar candle and my mum commented on how much she likes it, so I bought her a few wax melts in this scent. I went to visit a few days later and the scent almost knocked me out at the front door. It was so strong I honestly thought she dumped all three wax melts in at the same time and cranked up her melter but it was just half a melt! One half of a wax melt in this scent managed to fully scent an entire floor of her house.

I hope you enjoyed my A Calm and Quiet Place Review.