Yankee Candle Bundle Up scented candle Review

This is my Yankee Candle Bundle Up scented candle Review.

Yankee Candle Bundle Up is new for this year’s Winter collection from Yankee. While it’s still a laundry type scent, like Yankee Candle Winter Glow, this is more intense and more wintery. My SIL said, that Winter Glow doesn’t smell like anything and Bundle Up has actual fragrance notes. While I don’t agree with her opinion of Winter Glow, I do see why she would find it bland in comparison to Bundle Up.

Yankee Candle Bundle Up scented candle Review

Image by Yankee Candle

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Bundle Up are: frosty days, cozy warm clothing, citrus, snow, fresh linen.

Melting a quarter of the votive, it’s a laundry or a linen fragrance but it’s very complex. I get some pine, little bit of citrus to freshen it up, mint to add the cold feeling, a sweet floral note that might be jasmine and amber to warm up the lot. If I had to compare it to older Yankees, I’d say it’s in the same vein as Clean Cotton, but with added amber. While Clean Cotton is a summer linen fragrance, this is a winter linen version.

The scent throw was a 7 on the quarter of a votive and an 8 on a third of the tart.

I’d burn this as a day or evening candle in January and February. I had a Yankee Candle Sugared Apple burning in my hall and it got mixed with Bundle Up that wafted out of my office where the kids left the doors open and the mix was surprisingly awesome, so if you find laundry fragrances boring, I’d totally recommend this mix.

Yankee Candle Bundle Up is now back for the 2017 winter holiday season!

I hope you enjoyed my Yankee Candle Bundle Up scented candle Review and I’ll talk to you soon!