Yankee Candle Beach Walk scented candle review

My hands-down current favorite Yankee Candle scent. Yankee Candle Beach Walk smells fresh, summery and it’s the ideal scent to pack into your bag when going on summer holiday.

Scent notes are orange blossom, tangerine, a bit of fresh musk and salt.

Yankee Candle Beach Walk scented candle review

I mostly get the orange blossom with a citrus kick. The musk evens the blend out so it’s not too citrusy and I can’t say I actually smell the salt but I would say I get touches of a couple more light floral and sea notes.

This is my go-to morning scented candle and I burn it at least two mornings a week. I’m not a morning person but this scent gives me better energy than all the tea and coffee I slam down.

I usually burn it in my bedroom and my kitchen because that’s where most of my mornings take place.

I’ve burned it in my large bathroom when I had guests and it was a huge hit.

Image by Yankee Candle

For me, this is definitely one to stock up on if I can find it locally.

I actually took this a large candle jar of Yankee Candle Beach Walk with me to our beach house two years in a row and I burned the whole large jar each summer. If I could get another large jar for a normal price I would buy it again just so I could drag it with me to the beach this year as well but it looks like I’ll have to find a new summer scented candle. I actually burn it out on the deck in a pretty sea glass jar candle holder/luminary and it just looks and smells so pretty.

This is getting harder and harder to find in 2019. I hear it will be a seasonal returning fragrance for the summer 2019 season in the USA. We can get it on Amazon in Europe but not in stores. I have no info whether or not it will come back in stores in EU and UK as well.