Yankee Candle Beach Holiday Review

This is my Yankee Candle Beach Holiday scented candle Review.

Yankee Candle Beach Holiday scented candle was released for Summer 2015 as a part of the two pieces UK Summer collection together with Wild Sea Grass and my local Yankee Candle Store never stocked it so I had to get it online. I have a small jar that I’ve burned a few times and a large jar I plan to take with me to our beach house. It’s very very strong so I’ll burn the large jar outside on the deck. Even with my current small jar of Yankee Candle Beach Holiday I need to blow it out after an hour because I find the smell too strong otherwise.

The notes in Yankee Candle Beach Holiday are ocean air, salt.

This is a typical Yankee Candle salt and ocean scent. Sadly, I find it to have a very bathroom cleaner kind of vibe. An expensive bathroom detergent, but still…not the luxurious scent I want when I grab a Yankee Candle. It’s a personal preference of course, but I seem to really dislike all of Yankee’s ocean type candles. I really couldn’t stand Turquoise Sky, I gave Ocean Star away and Beach Holiday I’m on the fence with. It will work as a deck candle I think because you really do get the ocean –or rather beach –air kind of note. It’s sharp, it’s salty and it’s super strong. So for outside, to pump up the actual beach air, I think I’ll like it. Inside, I have yet to find a place for my small Yankee Candle Beach Holiday jar. I’ve tried the bathroom and it’s too strong for that. I’ve tried the hall and I can only burn it for an hour before it fills the air too much. I’ll probably burn it in a guest bedroom and leave the door open so it will seep to the hall.

scented candle review

The small jar version of Yankee Candle Beach Holiday burns clean and even on its own, I get a nice wax pool after about half an hour and the throw is super strong.

The tarts in this scent are very strong as well and I only melt a quarter of a tart at a time to fill my entire great hall with Yankee Candle Beach Holiday scent.

I hope you enjoyed my Yankee Candle Beach Holiday scented candle Review and I’ll talk to you soon!