Yankee Candle Bakery Air scented candle Review

Yankee Candle Bakery Air is a new US scent for Spring. I got my tarts of the new spring scents this week and since I’ve had a ton of work to do I’ve been basically living in my office, working and melting up a storm.

My office is a medium sized room with two large windows and a very high ceiling. I tend to get really good throw in there and I haven’t had throw issues with the new Yankee scents either but my nose is also very sensitive to smell. I figured I should point that out since there seems to be a lot of debate and rants in the online wax community lately because a bunch of people keep getting duds from Yankee; candles and even tarts that don’t have any scent throw. My experience with Yankee has been good and consistent. I do think that maybe EU market gets a generally better product that reflects the higher prices (stuff here hardly ever goes on sale and when it does it’s definitely not the kind of a major sale that US Yankee does several times a year). That being said, I did get good scent throw from the US Spring tarts as well and I got them directly from the USA.

Yankee Candle Bakery Air scented candle Review

Image by Yankee Candle

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Bakery Air are: creamy butter, vanilla, pecans and cinnamon.

This is basically a classic Yankee bakery vanilla scent. I can’t smell the pecans or any kind of nutty notes. I get a very buttery vanilla and warm bakery type cinnamon. It’s a sweet scent without the weird whiff of burned sugar that can creep up in these kinds of fragrances. I’d say it’s closest to stuff like Christmas Cookie from Yankee. No specific cake or cookie note but it does have a bakery vibe due to sweet vanilla and spice.

There’s a pretty epic little bakery down the street from my house and I walk past it almost daily, trying to get my dog to embrace exercise. And failing. That place – and the sidewalk all around it – smells like vanilla and chocolate cake and cookies and buttery croissants and gooey brownies and while I take a minute and just bask in the smell of it all every single time, I think it would be too much to have that mix of these huge notes in one candle and in one room. It’s an amazing smell, but in a candle, I think it would get migraine inducing fast so I’m better off with a simpler fragrance. But if you feel cheated and want the “epic bakery air” in your home, I suggest you get 4 wax melters and a tart of Bakery Air, Chocolate Layer Cake, Caramel Pecan Pie and Buttercream and melt a third of each at the same time.

I melted a third of the tart because I wanted to try out the scent but I’m not feeling it for a crisp, sunny January. I’ll save the rest for a cold, rainy March afternoon and pair it with a nice tea scent.

The scent throw was a 7 on a third of a tart. It scented my entire office in 15 minutes.