Yankee Candle 2017 Boney Bunch Halloween Collection Preview

Yankee Candle 2017 Boney Bunch Halloween Collection comes out this weekend.

2017 Boney Bunch collection is their 10-year “Scare-iversary”, and Yankee Candle went with a murder-mystery theme for the collection.

New 2017 limited edition fragrances will also be available this weekend along with the 2017 Boney Bunch collection that will include 17 brand new pieces, some of them will be available in stores, while others will be online exclusives.

We’ve seen the Boney Suspects piece in the initial leaks and now the other pieces are floating around the interwebs as well. There will be a Boney Holmes candle holder, Scare Squad candle holder, Boney on Board candle holder, Bye Mr. Bones candle holder, Professor Boney in the Library candle holder, Honeymooners candle holder, Thirst Aid Candle Holder, Death By Chocolate candle holder, Head Chef candle holder, A little party never killed anybody candle holder, Nine Lives Later candle holder, Crocks revenge candle holder, Hotel Pet Service candle holder, Express Checkout candle holder.





yankee candle boney bunch 2017 professor boney in the library

yankee candle boney bunch 2017 preview