Best Woodwick Fall scented candles review

8 Best Fall Woodwick scented candles

  1. Woodwick Vineyard Nights
  2. Woodwick Sleeping In
  3. Woodwick Hillside Orchard
  4. Woodwick Midnight Apple
  5. Woodwick Evening Bonfire
  6. Woodwick Evening Rain
  7. Woodwick Cinnamon Chai Premium
  8. Woodwick Pumpkin Butter


Woodwick Pumpkin Butter scented candle review

Woodwick Pumpkin Butter is a great twist on the classic Fall pumpkin scent. I like the Woodwick pumpkin note, it’s very intense and true to life. I had a jar last year and I’m definitely getting another one for this fall. I like to burn this one at the beginning of my pumpkin candle season because it has the cracking wick that I love.

The throw on Woodwick Pumpkin Butter is very strong for a wood wick candle, it’s a solid 8 and scents my entire floor in about half an hour, I get a nice wax pool in about an hour and a half if I keep it in my hurricane. I don’t trim the wicks on my wood wick candles unless I start getting a lot of soot so I always burn them in tall hurricane candle holders.
Woodwick Pumpkin Butter scented candle official scent notes are fresh pumpkin, warm spices, and sweet buttery notes.
Burning Woodwick Pumpkin Butter I get a lot of spice, I get the cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. Following the spices, I also get a warm buttery pumpkin note. Under all of that, I also smell the burning wood scent that comes from the wick. It’s a pretty heavy and spiced fragrance but it fits the Fall season so well.
It’s an all-day October candle for me.

Woodwick Cinnamon Chai Premium scented candles Review

I threw our traditional End Of Summer party last weekend. I have one of these every year since I got my own place, right after high school. It’s a very casual thing, we do a massive barbecue to close the grilling season and traditionally, I bake at least 6 different pies as an “autumn time!” sort of thing.

Normally, I pull out all my leftover summer scents and just burn them down during this party but this year we had such a crazy summer and I burned so many of them, I only have two small melon scented candles left of my summer stash. That wouldn’t do at all and I didn’t want to go out and buy summer scents just for this one day so I just pulled out my pretty Woodwick Premium candles in Cinnamon Chai. I love the look of these, as I do of pretty much all Woodwick and Ribbonwick Premium range and I’ve been itching to light them anyway, so out they came.

I’ve burned the standard jar candle in Woodwick Cinnamon Chai before, so I knew I liked the scent, but these containers are new to me.

These two are from last year’s fall season, I believe, as I found them on clearance. The scent is still full on, even though these don’t have lids. I normally buy the Premium line candles to burn right away since I’m not a fan of storing candle jars with no lids. Woodwicks especially are super strong on cold and my husband gets huffy if the closet and the hallway reeks of mixed candle fragrances, so these come home and they get usually get burned fast. I started them last Saturday and I’m finishing them up now. They have between 45 and 30 hours of burn time and I’m plonking some orchids in these containers as soon as the wax is done.

I got two of these, also on clearance so I’m thinking it’s an older version, one for each guest bathroom. I looked absolutely gorgeous burning, but even the one tumbler was too strong for bathrooms. I left them burning anyway because people said they loved it but I wouldn’t burn them in a room that size again.

These two were full price and are new for this season. It’s the same Cinnamon Chai scent but the container collection is called “Woodwick Rippled”. It’s dark mercury glass and again, the light effect was gorgeous. I had these in the living room, they were too strong for me in the same room so I moved one out into the hall. Basically, the whole house was swimming in this scent. I don’t normally have multiple candles in one fragrance going at once, but my guests were raving about the setup and the scent so I guess it’s a crowd pleaser.

These have the crackling sound which is always a hit. The last candle has the long heartwick instead of the crossed wood wicks and I can’t decide which form of wick I prefer. They all make the noise but the wood adds the burning wood note. On the other hand, the heartwick smokes less, so that’s a huge plus. I’ll have to try some more of the heart wick ones before I decide which is better.

The scent of Woodwick Cinnamon Chai is very sweet and the spice is soft. It smells exactly like the name suggests. I get the sugar, the syrup-y cinnamon, lots of vanilla and some frothy milk. I’m a big chai drinker so this scent is a staple at my house and has been ever since Woodwick came out with it.

The scent throw on these candles is a strong 8. Most Woodwick candles I’ve tried are either an 8 or a 9 in scent throw so if the throw on Yankees is too light for you, I’d suggest you give one of these a go. Placing the bowl one on my office desk, unlit, I could actually smell it all over the room.

These burn even and fast, the only fault I can find is the amount of smoke. I buy them for special occasions and really enjoy them, but wouldn’t burn them daily due to the smoke and soot.

Woodwick Evening Rain scented candle review

Woodwick Evening Rain is a part of their Escape line. The candles from the Escape line are in a standard looking glass jar as opposed to the usual Woodwick hourglass shaped jar. They’re more classic (my sister calls it boring) looking and I find the scents to be more intense and complex than those in the main line. They look similar to the Reserve line, which has very masculine, serious, intense and for me, somehow very old school British type scents.

These come with one or two wooden wicks, depending on candle size, and mottled wax, making them look more rustic.

The large jars have two wicks and officially 70 hours of burn time but I get about 60 hours out of them.

Woodwick Evening Rain scented candle official scent notes are warm breezes, green grasses.

Burning Woodwick Evening Rain, I smell a green note, like a green plant, not cut grass. That is paired with a strong watery note and ozone. In the base of the fragrance, I can smell some lily, lotus, sandalwood and a touch of cashmere. It’s an interesting, watery but at the same time warm and woody fragrance.

I’ve burned it in the bathroom at a recent party and everyone absolutely loved it. The guys went especially nuts over it, up to the point when one of them asked if he can take it home after the party. Of course, we gave it to him and today I got a call from his wife, telling me she needs to know where I got it because they want to haul a bunch.

Like most Escape line candles, this is pretty intense and the scent throw is about an 8. It would be way to strong for a bathroom but we had the window cracked open, so it worked OK. Still pretty strong though. I got a nice even wax pool in about an hour.

It’s a rainy fall day candle for me. I like it for a bathroom but it would work well in a living room as well.

Woodwick Evening Bonfire scented candle review

Woodwick Evening Bonfire is a part of their Escape line. The candles from the Escape line are more rustic looking than their main line and have more nature and outdoors themed scents. They’re also more intense than the main line and in my opinion, more masculine.

These come with one or two wooden wicks, depending on candle size, and mottled wax, with about 60 hours of burn time for a large two wick.

Woodwick Evening Bonfire scented candle official scent notes are warm woods.

Burning Woodwick Evening Bonfire, it is very woody with a bit of smoke. I get some oak, some vetiver, cashmere wood, and sandalwood. It’s a very warm, woody smell.

I dislike wood scents in the house but I burned it outside during a party where we had an open fire (for cooking) and it was so great. The fire pit was not close to the seating area, so that we didn’t get the smoke in our eyes and so that the kids were safe to run around but I had this burning on the bar and it gave off loads of scent that was honestly much better than the actual wood burning a few meters away.

Like most Escape line candles, this is pretty intense and the scent throw is a 9. I honestly can’t imagine burning it indoors.

I’d burn this outside on the deck during a cold foggy evening and I’d pair it with a cider scented candle.

Woodwick Vineyard Nights scented candle review

I don’t really like anything wine of grape smelling but I was decorating a grape picking party and I picked up a bunch of wine and grape themed candles including Woodwick Vineyard Nights.

I got the large 22 oz. one with one wooden wick. I get about 160 hours of burn time out of these.

Woodwick Vineyard Nights scented candle official scent notes are red wine, plum, green fig , warm musk.

Burning, this smells mostly like red grapes and musk. The musk sort of mellows out the sharpness of the grape, so you’re left with a nice sweetness. I get a bit of plum but no fig.

I would have wanted a slight woody note in this. I think a touch of cedar or even a green note would work great but since it’s mostly just a musky grape, I don’t really care for it. Because it was a large party, I was burning a bunch of different candles and I ended up placing this next to a wood scented candle to get the mix I wanted.

I’d burn this in September and October and mix it with wood or green scents.

Woodwick Midnight Apple scented candle review

I really like apple scented candles for the fall season. It’s not my favorite scent note or anything but I think it’s such a versatile scent that can be paired with just about anything, from sweet bakery notes, to woody, fresh or fruity. Woodwick Midnight Apple is one of my all time favorites. I’ve had it a few times and I picked my current jar up at a UK shop but I saw that it’s available at Kohl’s as well.

Burning, Woodwick Midnight Apple smells like fresh, sweet apple, loads of yummy caramel, amber and a touch of cedar. It’s sweet, warm, and earthy at the same time. The caramel note is done perfectly, not a hint of burned sugar here. The amber and cedar give a wonderful balance to all the sweetness and warm up the overall fragrance.

There’s no spice in this and I always appreciate non-spicy but still warm fall apple scents, since they are getting to be quite rare. Everybody seems to get super happy with the cinnamon note in the fall and while I do like it, it is nice to find a great autumn fragrance without it.

This is available in the two wick jar that has 60 hours of burn time, but you can also get it in the leaves deco jar (there’s a whole collection of these) and a layered candle where it is paired with vineyard harvest and cinnamon buttercream fragrances.

My two wick jar threw well, I’d say about a 7. It scented my whole kitchen in 30 minutes.

I’d burn this in September and October as a day candle. If I got bored with it, I’d burn it with a spiced pumpkin scent or something like Yankee’s Autumn Wreath.

Woodwick Hillside Orchard scented candle review

Woodwick Hillside Orchard scent is from their Escape line. There’s a whole range in this scent and if you like apple fragrances, you should give this a sniff, it’s really uncomplicated but wonderful.

Woodwick Hillside Orchard, it’s an expected, quite simple fragrance. You get the fresh, sweet apples and a weak woody note with a hint of moss. It’s not the same as Village Candle’s Apples and Acorns but it’s in the same vein. This has more apple, less wood, and no spice. It’s very clean, outdoorsy and sunny.

My large, two wick jar has a throw of about a strong 8, it scents my large living room in 20 minutes.

I’d burn this in September and October as a morning or day candle.

Woodwick Sleeping In scented candle review

Woodwick Sleeping In scent is from their Escape line. I got this a while ago but never got around to burning it. I have small children, and sleeping in is a distant memory and fond future fantasy. But it’s the idea and the fragrance that count and since this Sunday is the last easy going day before a crazy packed and overscheduled two week period begins, I figured now is the time to give this a burn.

The official scent notes in Woodwick Sleeping In scented candle are a rainy day, clean linens, fresh magnolia, warm vanilla.

Burning it, I get the floral fabric softener scent, with some amber and vanilla thrown in to warm it up. It’s very nice, warm and if you like linen or detergent type scents, I’d totally recommend it. I do smell the burning wood from the wooden wicks and I think this is a fragrance that would actually be better with just plain cotton wicks as the wood smoke note, however faint, doesn’t really fit here.

I’d burn this as day candle in January and February.

Woodwick scented candles Summer collection

Woodwick scented candles Summer collection has a bunch of new scents. I’m very happy Woodwick went back to complex scents for their candles. While I enjoy fragrance layering I don’t feel like paying Woodwick prices (or Yankee, or Village…) for a plain, one-note fragrance.
I’ll pick a bunch of these up since I really enjoy them out on the deck for summer evenings and nights.

Woodwick scented candles Summer collection include:

Woodwick Coastal Sunset
Woodwick Cucumber Melon
Woodwick Radish and Rhubarb
Woodwick Raspberry Yuzu
Woodwick Sparkling Orange
Woodwick Sweet Lime Gelato
Woodwick Windowsill Herbs

Woodwick and Ribbonwick Fall Collection

Woodwick and Ribbonwick both put out a pumpkin shaped candle for Fall. I think these two are cute, the glass has holographic elements and I’ll definitely buy both if I can find them. The orange one has two wooden wicks and the white one has a ribbon wick.

The 2 candles in the Woodwick and Ribbonwick scented candles FallPumpkin Containers Collection are:

Woodwick scented candle Pumpkin Butter that smells like fresh pumpkin, warm spices and sweet buttery notes.

Ribbonwick scented candle Pumpkin Numteg that smells like that smells like fresh pumpkin combined with ground cinnamon, clove, and hints of orange zest .

Woodwick Heartwick Holiday and Winter

Woodwick Heartwick Holiday and Winter scented candles collection includes eight new fragrances in various forms. There are large heartwick candles and smaller wood wick candles and there are also various decorated and fractal jars available in these scents.

The new scents in the Holiday Woodwick Collection are:

Woodwick Crimson Berries scented candle,

Woodwick Frasier Fir scented candle,

Woodwick Jolly Gingerbread scented candle,

Woodwick Oatmeal Cookie scented candle,

Woodwick Warm Wool scented candle,

Woodwick Cinnamon Cheer scented candle,

Woodwick Mint Truffle scented candle