Village Candle Velvet Petals scented candle review; Winter 2017 collection

Village Candle Velvet Petals is floral oud blend that for the Fall and Winter 2017 season.


The Village Candle Velvet Petals is a heavy floral and oud mix with an agave nectar added in for a juicy sweet component.

This is an intense fragrance. It’s an instant headache for me, but I’m super sensitive to lilies so keep that in mind.

The floral part is a mix of lilies and neroli with agave for extra sugar. It’s a lot. Lilies are a very heavy smelling flower and they tend to overpower everything else. Unless you pair them with something just as heavy and here they paired it with a very heavy wood note.

Like I said before, Village Candle is going all out with oud notes for their Fall and Winter 2017 collection and while I do appreciate the note in perfumes I find it too much for home fragrance.

Village Candle Velvet Petals smells like a heavy woody floral perfume to me because I’m used to smelling that kind of mix in perfumes.

This definitely isn’t for me and considering how heavy and intense it is I have no idea what to layer over it.

I hope you enjoyed my Village Candle Velvet Petals scented candle review for Winter 2017 collection.