Village Candle Urban Nights Review

Village Candle Urban Nights was the new summer 2019 scent I liked the least but if you’re a patchouli fan, this is the scent for you.

village candle urban nights scented candle

I don’t know why but 2019 seems to be the year of tobacco and patchouli notes in summer scents. Village Candle Urban Nights smells mostly like patchouli. I get the herbal sage there to green up the scent and the vanilla to add some sweetness and dimension, but it’s still pretty patchouli heavy.

I was talking about the sudden popularity of patchouli notes in candles with a friend and he said that patchouli smells like “cold, moist, dark basement« which is all kinds of unfortunate and makes me think of the smell of mold. When patchouli is done well, it smells earthy, like cold, wet soil but there’s also a sharpness to it that makes for an interesting contrast. It’s a good scent to play around with since it can turn pretty sweet when paired with things like vanilla and pretty green when paired with herbal notes.

In Village Candle Urban Nights it stays earthy, cool and damp but takes on the sweetness from the vanilla and the fresh herb aspect of the sage.