Village Candle Tranquility scented candle Review

Village Candle Tranquility is a new fragrance for 2019 and it was my first tumbler from Village Candle I ever purchased. Village Candle has some of their scents available in tumblers only as a part of their Décor collection. I got their smallest version in this scent which is 10 oz. and has a flat lid. The burn time on the smallest one is 35 hours. It’s a glass tumbler with a large image and colored wax. All candles in this scent are 20% off in July as it’s one of their featured July scents. This has two wicks like all the Village Candles and I didn’t trim them because I find that Village Candles develop burning issues if you trim their wicks. Maybe that’s not true for their tumbler versions but I figured I’d rather not risk it.

I tend to buy a lot of candles that look like this because my master bathroom has this whole bamboo, shades of green and dark brown, kind of thing going on with the tiles and décor wise so candles that look like this look amazing in there.

village candle tranquility review

Image by Village Candle

The official scent notes of Village Candle Tranquility scented candle are: cyclamen, water lotus blossoms, sweet agave, amber.

I burned a small two wick tumbler of Village Candle Tranquility in my master bathroom which is a pretty large room and I could smell it throughout the room so the scent throw is good as it has been with all my Village Candles.
Burning, the lotus note is the strongest, the agave gives it a fresh touch and the amber note warms it up. There’s a bit of a soapy note in there as well so it fits great in the bathroom. I don’t know about the “tranquil” feeling with this though. It’s a pretty and complex fragrance, mostly floral, I would burn it while having a bath because it’s a nice scent, but if I wanted a scent that calmed me down and relaxed me, I’d probably pick up something else.

I think Village Candle Tranquility fits cooler weather like spring or autumn because of the amber note that is so warm. I’ll put it away for now and pop it out again in October.

I hope you enjoyed my Village Candle Tranquility scented candle Review and I’ll talk to you soon!