Village Candle Tranquil Moments scented candle review; Winter 2017 collection

Village Candle Tranquil Moments is an odd blend of notes for me.


The notes in here are: pineapple, lemon zest, coconut and oudwood. Oudwood is obviously a note Village Candle really loves for the Fall and Winter 2017 collections since they’ve put it in quite a few fragrances.

I feel like oud is such an intense note that it’s quite tricky for use in home fragrance. I just don’t find it generally guest friendly. I wouldn’t want to risk anyone getting a headache when visiting my house so any candles with oud I feel have a place in a bedroom (if they’re quite light) or a bathroom (again, they need to be light).

Oud is a wood note but it has a leather and sort of rubber undertone. I find it works well in perfumes when blended with dark spices or dark florals.

In Village Candle Tranquil Moments however, they paired an oud base with super fresh, fruity top notes of pineapple, lemon zest and coconut. I don’t understand the blend. The top is zesty and fruity and the base is this leathery, old wood…maybe if they added either a lot of white musk or maybe amber to try and marry the fruity notes with the wood it would work better for me, but leaving it as is, it just doesn’t mix well for me.

I hope you enjoyed my Village Candle Tranquil Moments scented candle review for Winter 2017 collection.