Village Candle Tomato Vine Limited Edition Collection review

Village Candle Tomato Vine is a part of the 2019 limited edition collection. Like Italian Leather, it’s an unusual scent and not something I’d want to burn at any time but it does have it’s place with the unusual, special occasion candles.

It’s not a candle I’d buy a large jar of, but I appreciate the oddness of it enough to get the small one.


Village Candle Tomato Vine should smell like tomato vine, garden greens and cedarwood.

Burning Village Candle Tomato Vine I get the tomato vine, the green, vegetal, almost celery-like note and the woody base. It’s definitelly a tomato vine scent and simmilar to BBW Snap Peas it’s very green, you almost get the dirt note in there as well and a fresh herbal feeling.

You could pair this with rosemary and citrus for a great mix.