Village Candle Sunrise review

Village Candle Sunrise is the prettiest candle I’ve seen in a while. The wax color, label and name are in perfect sync and I really like how unique the scent is as well.

Village Candle Sunrise officially has notes of pineapple, dahlia and musk. Burning Village Candle Sunrise I get the juicy pineapple and white musk at the base but what makes this fragrance stand out is the awesome dahlia note.

village candle sunrise review summer

Village did make a Dahlia candle not long ago, but that fragrance is different from the note in Sunrise. In Sunrise, it’s a mix of plum and apricot jam scent, with added citrus and a floral top note. It blends so well with the pineapple.

The closest I can get in comparison is Yankee’s Black Plum Blossom, but with fresh, juicy pineapple and musk.

If you want to amp up the floral component, layer this with a jasmine scent and you’ll be set. It would also work with a more woody scented partner, I’ll go for full on driftwood next time I layer it. I had some fall leftover tarts in an oak and fig fragrance but the mix didn’t work well enough to recommend.